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Office Virtual Christmas Party

My DD had her first Christmas party at her new job. The event was held virtually.

She started working in the company only recently. I think she’s adjusting well enough.

My fervent wish for DD will be for her to excel in her field and be happy with all the experience. I’m truly happy for my DD that she is realizing her dreams one step at a time. 

New Gadget for School and Work

We invested on a new gadget for our college student. We were able to pool funds for K so he could have something to use for his course. He is taking up multimedia arts and he is drawing most of the time.

Kamvas 20 GS1901 Tablet

We bought it on sale at Villman, at least P8,000 cheaper than the one posted on the official website. With the assistance of his sister and share from his savings, we were able to purchase this dream gadget. K is also using it to do some art commission. I hope he will put this gadget to good use to last for years. By the way, N bought the same tablet for herself.

If you are interested to know more about the specs of the product you may check it here: https://huionph.com/products/kamvas-20.