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Tips on Buying a Waterproof Camera

You’ve spent hours on the internet, searching for no medical exam life insurance quotes, when you realize that you need to take a breather and hit the beach. Before you call up your friends and ask them to join you for a wet and wild vacay, you make a silent vow that you are going to buy yourself a waterproof camera to capture all those fun memories. With all the options out there, the task of finding a good waterproof camera may seem daunting. Here are some tips on buying a waterproof camera:

Know your needs. The kind of waterproof camera to buy will depend heavily on how you intend to use it. If you plan to use it while kayaking, you’ll need a camera with a mechanical stabilizer to help you get clear pictures as you rock the boat. If you’ll use it while snorkeling, you’ll need one with large buttons and a wide angle lens.

Buy at the right time. If you buy between December and February, chances are, the newly-released camera models aren’t available yet. You may find yourself paying too much for the previous year’s models.

Test it right away. Before you take it to your vacation, first test it in your local pool, so you can immediately get a replacement in case you get a defective camera.