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Looking for a Cheap Tripod? Use a Bean Bag

So, you’re still reveling in the high of trading in your archos tablet for a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Although you may have the best camera in your hands, you still must battle with one of the most dreaded curses in photography: blurred images. Sometimes, you just can’t help but have shaky hands during that all-important photo shoot with the kids. Then you turn to your old friend, the tripod.

For nature and travel photographers though, they find it somewhat cumbersome to lug a tripod with them. So, they instead use a bean bag to help stabilize their camera, especially when they take low angle shots. If you want to make one, simply cut up some 8-inch squares of fabric, fill them with beans and then sew the fabric together.

Now, you have a cheap yet efficient thingamajig which you can use to help get more stable shots.

How to avoid camera shake

Nothing is worse than having a blurred photo. No matter how sophisticated your camera’s anti-shake technology is, you still sometimes can’t avoid the shakes, especially if you’ve had way too many cups of Starbucks lattes that morning. So, what can you, the budding photographer with a simple point and shoot, do to take photos free from blur?

When pressing down on the shutter button, squeeze it firmly but gently. Do not quickly press down on it because of your excitement to get that perfect shot. That’s a surefire way to get a blurred shot. Easy does it, even in photography.

When all else fails, use a tripod.