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Recyclable paper bag

This paper bag contains pandesal (pan de sal or salt bread), our favorite breakfast and snack food at home.

The label says it is made from food grade virgin kraft (brown paper) from 100 percent plantation forest. Technically, it is still clean to use as paper towel to absorb excess oil and grease. One can also use this paper bag to hold a newly-purchased Blue Mo-Fi.

I’m doing my little share to help improve the environment by recycling.

Multipurpose net

This is not your ordinary net as it is the byproduct of coconut husks which are sun-dried, and placed in a decorticating machine to separate the fiber. Twines are weaved in the loom to create nets.

Finished coco nets are used for slope protection and control soil erosion. Fiber can also be used as mattress filler and briquette holder for plants.

Info and photo credit: www.yamtorrecampo.com