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Digital camera

pentax q10

My daughter has a new camera. But I have qualms if the same camera is needed in her photography class this year. For the meantime, she’s learning the parts and functions of the new gadget. It’s cute and very handy that you can easily place it inside your pocket. They’ve been asked to shoot certain subjects as part of their individual project this week. She’s been thinking of including hair wigs in the list of objects to shoot.

Image not mine. I have yet to take pictures of our own Pentax Q10.

What is your favorite subject of photography?

Some photographers want to immortalize a lot of things through their pictures. There are those who want to take inanimate stuff like cufflink boxes. Some wants to capture the movement of speeding cars or the gracefulness of a dancing ballerina. Some photographers are cut out to take black and white pictures. If I were to choose, I’d like to begin exploring photography in black and white. It’s look easy to shoot and I love the simplicity, harmony, and tinge of mystery in colors black and white.