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Learning Photography: Then and Now

Photojournalism was part of my curriculum in college. For one semester or five months to be exact, we were taught how to hold and load films in camera; the opening and speed needed for a certain subject to shoot. Our professor who also taught the same subject in another state university was good at giving lectures about photography, I wish I was able to record her lectures the whole time. But you know what, she could have taught us to shoot more, to use our camera frequently or expose us to the real world of photography. I don’t have my old camera with me now and did not pursue photography either. But given the opportunity, I would take up short courses to learn more about cameras and learn techniques to shoot better pictures. Well, it’s never too late to learn anything. I just needed to manage my time and yes, I need funds to realize my dream.

The best of the season

Photo enthusiasts will surely have their feast day this season with plenty of Christmas lights and holiday events to capture.

With your camera set you can take as many pictures that you want from setting up the Christmas lights and Christmas tree adorn with colorful ornaments in the living room. On Christmas eve, you can take a good shot of your cute little kids or nieces and nephews giggling and having fun while opening up their presents. You have to be quick to shoot otherwise you’ll miss their smiles and laughter in a second. Oh, what a joy to see the excitement in their young faces.

As for the events, you can start taking good pictures during Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo or Rooster’s Mass). You would not miss the facade of the church and the line to makeshift stores selling delicious puto bumbong and bibingka. You don’t need to complicate things to have a good shot of what you have or see at the moment. Just enjoy the moment and leave out unnecessary details. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries.

Have fun shooting!