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Mango-Picking Season

Yay! We are looking forward to this season every year when we have to pick Indian mangoes from our 12-year-old tree.

I took only a couple of pictures the other day. I will post more when hubby decides it’s time to harvest.

The green and crispy mango is best paired with home-cooked condiments called ‘alamang’.

I have my own version of alamang or shrimp paste.


P5 alamang, 1/4 kilo kamias, 1 pc. onion, several lobes of garlic, 2 long chilis (siling pang-sigang), water, sugar, and pepper to taste.


Saute onion and garlic. Add in kamias (cut in small pieces). Cook for a bit. Add in alamang. Put 1/2 cup water. Let it simmer for a few minutes. Add in sugar to taste, siling pang-sigang and siling labuyo. Yummy!

Update: A basketful of mangoes

Fruit-bearing trees

new mango tree

This Mango tree was planted in 2009 and now it is starting to bear fruit. It actually replaces our old Mango tree that we have decided to take down because of the reasons that I posted here.

It has yet to grow taller and its trunks grow wider, but some people are already attempting to place large format printing ads on its trunk…

rambutan tree

This is my in-laws’ Rambutan tree found in our backyard. We are hoping to have a taste of its fruit in a few weeks.