Headphones or earphones

Llook at those headphones, aren’t they neat? I would like to pick one for myself but they seem expensive. If I were to buy a headphone or an earphone, I have to consider the following qualities: sound quality, comfort, weight, portability, and fit. There are times I prefer to use headphones, but when I’m resting or…

Graphika Manila 2017 freebies

Freebies from Graphika Manila 2017 event. N was able to get autographs from speakers including one (the one with violet ink) from Saving Sally director Avid Liongoren.

Guitar Center has Mac computer

If you are into music writing and recording and you are a fan of Mac computer, you can check this website that says guitarcenter.com has mac computer. I don’t know much about Mac computers all I know is that Mac is an expensive brand but according to hubby Mac is best for recording pop songs and sound…

Post surgery gift

I was surprised that my daughter gave me a post surgery (and Christmas gift) last month. We were chatting once about my favorite things to collect and my love for Sanrio items since I was young and she remembered it. She gave me this dainty Little Twin Stars coffee mug which I put on display above…

What Does CONNECT Internet from Trade Show Internet Company Offer You?

It is important that all people get quality internet when they need it. You can still get the best internet connection from Trade Show Internet even when you are on the move. For the people or companies that want to have internet services provided to them during their events, they will be happy to note…


Naomi found this token of appreciation on her table when she arrives at the office yesterday. It came from her kind supervisor who appreciates her work as an intern.

Office nook

Daughter is kind of excited to share her little space at the office where she is taking up her second internship. This is where she spends time, eight hours at the most, doing all her designs for the online counterpart of a popular girl magazine.