Learning Photography: Then and Now

Photojournalism was part of my curriculum in college. For one semester or five months to be exact, we were taught how to hold and load films in camera; the opening and speed needed for a certain subject to shoot. Our professor who also taught the same subject in another state university was good at giving…

National Dog Day (Oreo’s cute pics)

Some of our favorite shots of Oreo.

Never Too Old to be Happy

There are a lot of seniors who do not think that they are happy enough ever since they reached the golden years. Some may feel that their health conditions are stopping them from doing what they can do. Some feel that they do not have as much energy as before. They cannot do what they…

Reminder for freshies

In a few weeks, my son will be in College. Here’s a few important tips to remember on the first day of college. Kyle is enrolled at CIIT College of Arts and Technology to pursue Multimedia Arts. Hubby and I hope he’ll find his own niche in the vast world of digital arts just like his sister (who graduated from the FEUTech). 🙂

College, here we come!

Getting ready for the next challenge – college life! The button pin was given to K at the First Stop: New Students Assembly last August 6, 2018.