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More of a doer than a talker

My daughter is on her fourth day of internship program at a web development and product branding company in Quezon City. The company head, according to my daughter, told her that with her work samples (digital arts material) they (the company) will be able to provide the kind of exposure that my daughter needs to hone her craft.

My daughter said there are a lot of work at the office and she’s in front of the computer most of the time. She was instructed to do banners, pamphlets and website. Those are for different clients promoting different products including Neumann microphones.

She may be too tired every time she goes home, but she’s happy that she’s learning from the internship.

Video cam for video editing subject

video cam

My daughter will have a video editing class this school year and she may need a video camera to use for the course. A relative who works abroad offered to buy a video camera for us. He said gadgets are quite cheaper abroad including musical instruments like keyboard for kids, so we are thinking if we can request him to buy a video camera for our daughter.

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