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Photography Noob

kid holding a camera

The advent of technology gave birth to different camera brands and models photography newbies and enthusiasts alike can choose from depending on their preference, predilections or inclinations. Nowadays, point and shoot cameras became a staple in every person’s life that it became a household gadget much like the cellular or mobile phones before it available in the market to anyone who is raring to document his life as it unfolds before him. So what do you say is the best camera for the budding photographer? I’d say stick with one that it user-friendly and very easy to use like an acid pro. The size of the camera also plays a pivotal role in your photography success so make sure you buy one you can easily tote around as you move from place to place.

Introduce your kids to photography

kid holding a camera

If you notice that your kid has an eye for beauty, then maybe you should consider giving him a taste of photography. Hey, they’re never too young to learn. Taking pictures is all about seeing the beauty in things around us, and introducing your kid to photography opens up an entirely different world for him.

For starters, you could lend your kid your trusty old point and shoot, and get him used to the feeling of having it in his hands. Acquaint him with the buttons, flash, and zoom functions. Tell him the importance of handling the camera with care, and that it’s a piece of equipment not akin to his action figures which he can just freely toss around. Remind him to keep his fingers off the lens, and to keep the cap on when not in use.

When he’s ready to shoot, you can start with things around the house… food on the table, his sister, his pet dog. Allow him the freedom to choose his subjects, and don’t worry about any rules on photography. Simply let him shoot and see how the pictures turn out.

After you’ve loaded the pictures on to the PC from record to disk, just let him marvel at his shots. This will motivate him to learn more complex photography techniques. With the world of photography, he may learn to see things in ways he never has before.

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Tips on Buying a Point and Shoot Camera


If you’re simply a novice photographer, you can get by without the complicated features of an SLR. You can still shoot great pictures with a mere point and shoot camera.

When buying a point and shoot, choose one with as few settings to fiddle with as possible. Those extra features will only cost you extra bucks, and will just end up useless for a newbie like you anyway. Get one with good anti-shake technology, as what most of us are concerned about are blurred pictures.

As for megapixels, yes bigger is better, but for a simple shooter, a mere 8-megapixel should suffice.

Not all point and shoot cameras are created equal, so be sure to choose well. Your wallet will thank you for it.

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