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National Dog Day (Oreo’s cute pics)

Some of our favorite shots of Oreo.

Happy 7th birthday, Oreo!

Happy Birthday OREO! Your 7 years old today You are a family member in every single way. You are, for us just like the kids You fill our daily life, you create for us a constant mess and bring an element of strife! But you, like them, We love to bits Wouldn’t have it another…


Oreo, our six-year old doggie, was trying to get some sleep here… (Photo taken in 2012) chill·ax /’CHilaks/ verb informal: calm down and relax.

Kitty Upclose

This is Grae. He is one of the five kittens of our cat Cordelia. Grae belongs to the second litter of kittens. We have a total of 9 cats now.  Anyone who wants to adopt a kitten? 🙂

Adorable kittens

Cordelia gave birth to four kittens two months ago. The kids were excited that they already named each kitten – Cordelia Jr., Tiana, Panda, Ming-Ming. The kittens are growing up fast that their demand for food is also increasing. I might have a problem feeding all five of them (including their mom). They usually love…