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Big Bad Wolf 2019 Book Sale Haul

This is a late post. My daughter and her friend withstand the biggest book sale in Manila wait in line for about 5 hours to get these books.

Managing Your Finances

It is always a struggle to manage one’s finances, most especially when you are working on quite a tight budget. There is just one too many bills and dues to pay, and groceries to buy, plus vaccines and pedia or dentist visits for the children to think of, too, not to mention those extra expenditures, like health premiums or motorhome insurance, where applicable. You also have to think of setting aside a portion of your earnings for your monthly savings or the children’s trust, on top of that. Balancing everything is no easy feat. A little creativity and resourcefulness will come handy during these days, to think of some ways to augment the family income and somehow help you get by, at least, until the next paycheck.