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Businesses Boom Online

The pandemic has affected the lives of many people economically. However, we cannot deny the fact that this phenomenon has taught us to be resilient. Many of those left unemployed due to lockdown become businesspeople of sort. They sell anything of value through the Internet to provide for their family. Those who sell online somehow become job providers as well by encouraging others to become reseller or start their own business however small.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Everyone is seizing the value or strength of the Internet. Big businesses are making large profit selling their products online. With several occasions and events coming in a couple of months, one can make reservations ahead of time.

As early as September, people in this side of the continent are putting up their Christmas decorations filling up their house with all sorts of adornment they could find. However, the religious ones will never forget to commemorate the dearly departed loved ones every first of November. This year will be different from the past years celebration because of the pandemic and crowding is not allowed in cemeteries. We can pay our respects at home and have the candles and flowers delivered at our doorsteps.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

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Dog Appreciation Day

Our old pooch Oreo is 10 years old. It seems like yesterday when he’s just a little fur ball who loves to play bite. Our legs and feet bore the brunt of his play biting. We love him even when he’s just grumpy most of the time. He is still the same Oreo who loves belly rubs.

Oreo is 3 years old in this photo.

Happy National Dog Day, Oreo. We love you!

National Dog Day or Dog Appreciation Day, is celebrated on the 26th of August. As an all day event, you can celebrate with your furry best friend for as long as you want.