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Advice from a tree

I thought of sharing this life lesson from a tree. Photo grabbed from Facebook. Credit to the owner.

Credit to the owner.

How To Choose The Right Pond Management Company

Neighborhood ponds have the ability to be more than just a place for runoff stormwater. It can be a great recreational spot for locals or a beautiful place to have picnics and enjoy the view. To have a pond that is enjoyable to hang out around, it takes the help of a reputable pond and aquatic weed management company like the one found at If you are tasked with hiring the management company, below are some questions to ask potential companies before making your decision.

Do You Have The Appropriate Licenses?

You should start off by asking for a company’s credentials during an interview. One of the most important licenses a pond management company should have is for the use of aquatic herbicides. This is especially important if your pond has an algae problem. It takes proper training to deal with this problem correctly.

Do You Have References I Can Call?

If possible, try and get references to call. These should be from long-time customers who have plenty of experience dealing with the pond management company in question. Ask about their experience working with the company and if they have always been pleased with the job they do.

What Will The Timeline Be Like?

It is not possible for a pond management company to create you a full plan before they draw up a thorough report. Once they do an inspection of your pond, they should be able to give you a timeframe to get your pond looking its best. Their plan should also come with plans on how they will continue monitoring and managing the pond, including how frequently they will update you on the progress and status of the management solutions.

A professional and reputable pond management company will work hard to keep you informed of anything happening in the industry. This may include breakthroughs in technology, new laws for stormwater management and other pertinent news that affects how your pond is maintained. Using these questions can help you find a company that is going to deliver the best pond management solutions for your community pond’s health.

Top 10 Adventure Activities in Africa

Mahlatini Travel, a specialist in African Travel has compiled a list of their Top 10 memorable activities for a holiday in Africa.

1.Diving with sharks in South Africa – This popular activity, which takes place off the Cape coast, allows you to get within touching distance of Great White Sharks – albeit from a cage.

2.A walking safari in Zambia – Get up close and personal to the wildlife of Africa in a walking safari which can be done across Africa but most recommended in Zambia.

3.Tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda – This ultimate adventure involves a day of tracking these highly endangered animals through dense equatorial forest.

4.Swimming Devil’s Pool at the Victoria Falls, Zambia – This small lagoon is enclosed by rocks where, in the dry season, you can swim and even climb up on the very lip looking down at the crashing waters below!

5.Canoeing in Botswana – Spend 3 days gliding through the crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta in search of wildlife and spending your evenings camping on the islands.

6.Hot Air Ballooning in Kenya or Tanzania –One of the quintessential images of Africa – balloons floating over the vast plains of the Masai Mara and Serengeti.

7.Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – It will take you up to 8 days to climb Africa’s highest mountain but reaching the summit will be a major achievement.

8. Diving with whale sharks off the coast of Mozambique – The unspoilt coral reefs and crystal clear waters of Mozambique offer fantastic opportunities to dive with these gentle giants and a host of other marine species including manta rays.

9. Sand Dune Surfing in Namibia – Some of the largest sand dunes on the planet are found in the Namib desert. There is no better way to experience these wonders than to zoom down them head first on a sand board.

10. White Water Rafting in Zimbabwe – Acclaimed as the wildest one-day whitewater run in the World, the Zambezi River is also recognized by rafting and kayaking enthusiasts as one of the best paddling rivers in the world!