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Build your own guitar


Pardon the ignorance but I really have no idea that you can actually build your own guitar from scratch. I have no background as far as using musical instrument is concerned until I check on this site that says build your own guitar, check it out at So now you know and lose no time in learning about it. Worth recommending to a musician friend.

Summer deal

If you are looking for turntables check out the website that carries musical instruments because they are having a great deal here!!  Summer is a good season for kids to learn new things. One of which is to learn to play certain musical instrument. Guitar and piano lessons are popular programs for kids. Actual lessons could be expensive, but you can always try online lessons as alternative.

Headphones or earphones

Llook at those headphones, aren’t they neat? I would like to pick one for myself but they seem expensive. If I were to buy a headphone or an earphone, I have to consider the following qualities: sound quality, comfort, weight, portability, and fit. There are times I prefer to use headphones, but when I’m resting or lying in bed I use earphones. Check the link above to know the headphones and earphones buying guide.