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Flashback Friday: Dad and son bonding time

Joy ride on a Sunday afternoon. Both Father and son spend some time driving around the neighborhood using our not-so new motorbike. The photo was obviously taken nine years ago as indicated in the date printed on the picture. 😀  Glad that we still have the motorcycle up to this day.

More of a doer than a talker

My daughter is on her fourth day of internship program at a web development and product branding company in Quezon City. The company head, according to my daughter, told her that with her work samples (digital arts material) they (the company) will be able to provide the kind of exposure that my daughter needs to…

Introduce your kids to photography

If you notice that your kid has an eye for beauty, then maybe you should consider giving him a taste of photography. Hey, they’re never too young to learn. Taking pictures is all about seeing the beauty in things around us, and introducing your kid to photography opens up an entirely different world for him….

Keeping up with her NY’s resolution

My daughter wrote this New Year’s resolution when she was in high school. It talks about school and studying hard, and a promise to be an obedient daughter always. As a parent, I’m glad that she’s keeping up with her promise to do her best in school and we have no problem with her as…

Finals ain’t over yet

School year is not yet over for my daughter. She has to finish a lot of requirements before their final examination week takes place next week. More sleepless nights ’til you enjoy summer vacation. You can make it, anak!