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Fam picture from way back

I found this old but “cute” family picture in a pile of paper for disposal. This was taken inside a photo booth and the image was printed on sticker paper (about an inch size). I think the kids were about 5 and 3 years old when this was taken. Hubby decided to scan the photo…

Vintage family picture

Look what I’ve found! Hubby’s nephew shared this photo with the rest of the clan. Both nanay and tatay (my parents-in-law) in the photo are no longer with us. Hubby is the smallest boy from the right side (first row) of the picture. The picture could have been taken in the early 70’s.

Tips To Make Your Home A Source of Inspiration

There are different sources of inspiration in this world. You may be inspired because of the other people around you. You may become inspired because of the revolutionary projects that you have in mind. You may become inspired by your dreams but it has always been said that the greatest source of inspiration that you…

Photoshoot model

Hubby was a photo shoot model for a day. Thanks to our daughter for her convincing power. Haha. Hubby was just accompanying our daughter for a photo shoot assignment at the La Mesa Eco Park last year. N decided that she needs a model and there’s no willing person to do that other than her Dad. Hubby…

Holiday pictures

Our niece Aileen treat us at S&R New York Style Pizza (Fairview Terraces branch) after Christmas. We had a scrumptious dinner – vegetable and pepperoni calzones, french fries, and iced tea. Thanks, Ate Aileen! This was taken on New Year’s Eve at my brother-in-law’s house.  I wasn’t able to join the family dinner for I…

Some action shots at Ocean Adventure

I love these shots.  I took them at the Ocean Adventure with my son in tow. The show is aptly called Rap, Jump and Roll Show or the Trampoline Acrobat and Mascot Show. The performance was awesome. I’m planning on bringing the whole family once I have raised enough fund to spend for the getaway….

Family selfie

Our first. We’re slowly getting the hang of selfie shot. 😀