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Digital camera

pentax q10

My daughter has a new camera. But I have qualms if the same camera is needed in her photography class this year. For the meantime, she’s learning the parts and functions of the new gadget. It’s cute and very handy that you can easily place it inside your pocket. They’ve been asked to shoot certain subjects as part of their individual project this week. She’s been thinking of including hair wigs in the list of objects to shoot.

Image not mine. I have yet to take pictures of our own Pentax Q10.

Where to Get Amazing Camera Deals

camera accesory (my stationary life)

Cameras right now have gotten relatively cheaper than before. However, there are still some stores that can offer lower prices for cameras that still cost a lot in other stores. Most of the time, these stores are not that commercialized and may be located in less industrialized locations which explains the fact why the products cost lower than usual.

In order to check out the different cameras, you need to make sure that you know the different store locations. Knowing the store location can be a great advantage because at least you will not get lost when you are trying to find the different shops.

For accessories, you’ll definitely get a fair deal for camera bags and straps at Zalora. If you have friends who know something about cameras, you can ask them first so you’ll be able to compare brands and prices.

Rent a camera

It was my first time to hear about musical instrument rental. I’m familiar with gown rentals, but not musical instruments. There are actually PA rentals at Guitar Center if you are interested to rent one. I wonder if there is rent-a-camera in our area. I would like to rent a good camera for my daughter. She’ll be using it in her course and we can’t afford to buy a brand new camera, just in case.