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Safety First

More than half of the world’s population today are engaged into various jobs with different companies specializing in banking and finance, customer service, outsourcing, networking, IT related courses, building and construction and even media. It is a given fact that company owners are in need of a strong manpower in order for their business to succeed, become productive and of course profitable.

Today, with our government, we can see that they started to give importance and support with most of our workers. They are giving their best to provide extra benefits for every employee and that includes health insurance that they can use to acquire support during medication. Likewise, they also give housing loans, financial insurance, pension plans and they offer short courses and trainings that will help improve employee’s capabilities and skills to have a better performance. As stated by our law, employees should also have a clean and hazard free workplace no matter how big or small their duties are.

Usually, it is always expected that employers are the first people who are responsible in facilitating with the benefits and safety measures in a certain company or organization. They are expected to make sure that every employee is safe whenever they are in the vicinity of their work. At times, they are required to provide trainings and short courses to his team to avoid or lessen the rate of accidents especially to those workers who have dangerous jobs. In this case, they will be able to become aware of the dos and don’ts whenever an accident occurs. Also, this will help each employee to handle and perform their job properly and make sure that all facilities and equipment used in their area are in good condition and work accordingly, thus providing them the opportunity to give proper attention to things that in need of improvement and development.

If in any case that an accident occurs in a certain company, employees should make sure that they make a report that will be turned over to their supervisor and higher authority. Further investigation must be properly performed in order for them to know what happened, how it happened and who are the people involved in the situation. If employers will be proven to be responsible of what happened due to negligence and poor or low maintenance of facilities and equipment, then they should be the one to provide health support to the victims and as well as financial support since the victim won’t be able to make profit at a certain period of time because of incapability to work.

Keep in mind that accidents may bring a lot of expenses and damage to both employees and employers so it is better to provide precautionary measures. We may not be able to control any accidents but we may be able to at least lower the risk. Most companies now are even seeking help from some professionals including since they offer services that will help both employers and victims to lessen their expenses during the medication period. This will also allow them to provide front-end solutions to all the problems encountered during the accidents and with this, the company will be able to provide proper support and they will be able to save their reputations as well with other clients and competitions.

Always remember that the safety of each employee and also the workplace is very important in a certain company. Both employers and employees should manage their own responsibilities and perform their duties well by strictly following all rules and regulations implied to them. In this case, they will be able to provide a zero percent rate of accidents. Keep in mind that safety is the top priority and awareness is the number one key in order for the company to become productive and successful.

Back to its old home

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I started my career with PJI in the early 1990s. I’ve seen top bosses come and go as the administration changes every six years. It’s like a second home to me so when the news about the office transferring to other location reached me I sort of wonder how they will move all the computers, large printing machines and other office stuffs without interrupting the business operation. But knowing the hardworking men and women of PJI, I’m sure the transfer went out successfully with or without minor problem.

So, what are the things businesses should consider when relocating. Those who are in charge with the transfer should be able to get the best moving truck rental from a trusted commercial trucking company. Since the company is on a tight budget the people in charge should be resourceful in looking for freight factoring from 1st commercial credit.

The size of the new place is an important factor to consider. The management will decide whether to bring the old stuffs like chair and tables. In PJI’s case, the company left all its tables and chairs in the former office to accommodate modular tables for each cubicle for relocated employees in Makati. This has save the company time and effort to mark all the furniture that they need to transport as there were only few.

The trucking company should be able to handle with care and store items that require careful handling and special crating like computers and large printing machines. The electric devices are worth millions and its transfer should be given proper planning and preparation.