Monthly Archives: March 2016

Graduation day 2016


Expect to see tons of graduation pictures on your friends’ Facebook profile this month. Its graduation season and you can’t blame excited parents to shoot the important milestone in their kids’ lives. Graduation is a big achievement for both parents and their children. It’s also a big leap towards their kids’ emotional and mental development. They are no longer the teeny babies that you were once holding in your arms. They are all grown up now ready to receive their class rings from Joy Jewelers. Your new graduate will embark on a new journey and it is at this point that they need your support the most.

The CrossFit Experience

It’s been years since my first CrossFit experience, but I can still remember how Inspired I was to finish the challenge despite the aching legs. Could it be the background music that kept me going? I don’t know if the gym was using muff fuzz, but the sound was just right for exercising peeps.

I wish to experience another round of CrossFit challenge before my bones get brittle. 😀