Monthly Archives: September 2014

Macro shot


A macro shot by N for her photography subject. She was able to get a grade of 95 for this one. Good job, anak. 🙂


Cordelia, the willing model

Cordelia, the willing model

My daughter loves to take pictures of our cat Cordelia. In fact, she’s her favorite nonverbal model to date. She (Cordelia) never moves whenever N would focus the camera on her. It’s as if she listens to N’s instructions to stay. I think our Cordelia would make a good commercial model for a pet product; for a website like the Entirely Pets Pharmacy; or for a group that advocates animal welfare. Don’t you agree?

My favorite music band

side a band

I will always be a fan of Side A band even if they are no longer active in the mainstream. I haven’t seen them perform live, so if I’ll have an opportunity to watch them I will surely grab the chance. I hope the company I used to work for would sponsor their future concert. That way hubby would be able to secure a complimentary ticket for me.

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