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The eerie Malinta Tunnel

Ghost at the Malinta Tunnel

Ms. Stargazer encircled the images of what she perceives as ghosts.


The creepy tunnel

These pictures were taken during our sponsored trip to Corregidor, Bataan in May 20, 2006.

The tunnel saw thousands of Japanese soldiers who performed suicide instead of surrendering to the American troops during the Second World War.

These photos are not meant to scare you but only share them in observance of All Souls Day…Let’s offer a prayer for the souls of those who perished inside the tunnel…

DIY Halloween Decor


Halloween is already near and it is common for people to search for the perfect decorations that can make their home look scarier and more appropriate for Halloween. A lot of people are preparing for it that even reid website is getting ready for it. If you are not too fond of purchasing Halloween decorations that everybody seems to have, you can always DIY Halloween decor. Not only will you have decorations that nobody else has, but people will marvel at the uniqueness of each decoration that you will make. Make sure that you set aside an ample amount of time to make them though so that you will not rush them the day before Halloween.

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