Monthly Archives: June 2013

How goofy can you get

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My best buddy and I goofing around while we were in Intramuros.

Rent a camera

It was my first time to hear about musical instrument rental. I’m familiar with gown rentals, but not musical instruments. There are actually PA rentals at Guitar Center if you are interested to rent one. I wonder if there is rent-a-camera in our area. I would like to rent a good camera for my daughter. She’ll be using it in her course and we can’t afford to buy a brand new camera, just in case.

Rainy season: Indoor or outdoor shot?


As a photo enthusiast, have you tried taking pictures of any particular thing or place while it is raining? What do you love most about the rain? Do you prefer an outdoor or an indoor shot? Some photographers find it difficult to shoot when it is raining; they worry about their camera and gadgets getting soaked with rain water. Some are just too daring to take the shot no matter what the circumstances or weather condition maybe. How about getting someone to sit and answer all these questions? I wonder if my fave photographer is ready to be my guest blogger. I wonder if he’s interested in music as well. If he does, I might throw in a few questions about musical instrument like if he experienced to actually buy flutes at WWBW. Better check with him if he’s ready for this interview. I’m excited!