Monthly Archives: December 2012

Lush green fields



The green scenery soothes the eyes. These are two of the pictures I’ve taken on our way to Bulacan for a school field trip in 2010. Hope to see more of these in the coming year.

Classroom decorating contest winner

Krismas sa Pinas

My daughter’s as well as her classmates’ effort paid off after her section won the classroom decorating contest. I’m not sure if they are entitled to receive a t ball trophy or a cash prize, but my daughter said the recognition is more than enough for her and her classmates who helped in putting up the Christmas decorations. She said they all work hard to make a simple and meaningful representation of traditional Christmas celebration in the Philippines through displays and drawings. Congratulations kids!

*I borrowed the picture from my other blog.

Workout photo

This was taken before the dance workout

Like what I mentioned in my previous post, I really enjoyed the dance workout with friends. If the workout happened before I committed myself to daily exercise, I would have a hard time moving after the workout. I might need a knee scooter (like the ones I saw at roll about rentals) because of body and joint ache. Good thing I’m more flexible now than before. I can now perform other fitness activities with less difficulty.