Monthly Archives: September 2012

Science exhibit

Speedy, our 4-year-old turtle, will be the guest of honor er presented by my son at his school’s Science exhibit today. It would be Speedy’s third year to grace the occasion. 🙂 I think Speedy has grown a bit since I posted about him on this blog.

Gloomy day

It’s another gloomy day today, isn’t it? I’m definitely referring to the dark cloudy sky up here. Although we have no water connection, it’s just not enough to make me sulk all throughout the day. But I hope the water pipe or whatever it is that may have caused the water supply to stop in our area be restored soon. It should be wash day today and will have to clean pieces of furniture, too. Will use a leather furniture conditioner to clean our soiled sala set, too bad there’s no water to wash the sudsy conditioner away.

Similarities of learning to play the guitar and using a camera

Learning to play the guitar can be similar to using a camera. With a camera there are buttons you hit to do different things, like to adjust light, to zoom in or out, to add different frames, to take pictures. At the end of using all these buttons you will have one finish product and that is a picture. Likewise with a guitar there are more than one string, ease string has different function; that is different key. These different strings a strum simultaneous, but the finish product of hitting these strings is a note. Both the hollow body guitar musicians friend have different uses but one function.