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Tips on Choosing a Background for Indoor Family Portraits

So you’ve finally decided to take a breather from your software promotion duties to take a few snapshots of your family. They have been more than supportive of your latest photography endeavor, so you feel you owe it to them to honor them with at least one stunning, and decent photo.

The background does play a major role in indoor shots. You, the photographer, should therefore leave nothing to chance. These are some of the backdrops you should avoid:

• Mirrors or glass windows
• Brightly lit signage, such as “exit” signs
• Light colors

With light backgrounds, the problem you’ll have to contend with will be the shadows cast against them. If you can, try to avoid using a flash. Lest you end up looking more like the Addams Family.

What is your favorite subject of photography?

Some photographers want to immortalize a lot of things through their pictures. There are those who want to take inanimate stuff like cufflink boxes. Some wants to capture the movement of speeding cars or the gracefulness of a dancing ballerina. Some photographers are cut out to take black and white pictures. If I were to choose, I’d like to begin exploring photography in black and white. It’s look easy to shoot and I love the simplicity, harmony, and tinge of mystery in colors black and white.

Essentials of photography

I still have so many things to learn if I really wanted to pursue photography as part of my online job. To be able to devote my time to learning the basic of photography, I still need to own a camera, you know the one being used by professional photographers that produces quality pictures. I can snap pictures of yomega using my digital camera, but that’s all there is to it, it lacks depth. I want my photographs to tell a story even if I don’t have to put any caption to it. So, now I need to learn the basic photography shooting style. Learning the ABCs of photography is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of time, money, determination, and talent to succeed. I need to work on these basic elements to get me started.