Monthly Archives: October 2011

The ace lensman

A former photographer buddy was awarded for his exemplary services. He joined the newspaper when the company was in its infancy. His life just like his photographs was vivid and action-packed. He was dubbed an ace lensman of the newspaper. He covered the police beat for three decades.

I asked him if he ever thought of pursuing another profession like one of those performing Veterinary Assistant Jobs, he said he would not be happy with his life now if he didn’t became a photographer. He’s old but remains loyal to his profession.

Scenic sunsent from Vancouver Canada

My classmate Ron took this awesome picture from Vancouver, Canada.

Wedding coverage

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, during her wedding day this year. (AFP)

A wedding will have to be a photographer’s dream event to cover. Not only will it be teeming with a beautiful bride and equally beautiful bridesmaids as subjects, it will also be full of beautiful and poignant spontaneous moments that will be up to the photographer to capture in his lens: the groom happily waiting for his wife in the altar, the bride in her procession with little flower girls tossing flower petals in her way, parents crying and laughing at the same time at the momentous occasion in their daughter’s life, friends and families sharing in the festive mood of the occasion. It is a cacophony of colors and textures, adult costumes, and picture-perfect moments, a photographer’s haven.