Monthly Archives: August 2011

Church, religious relics and images as photography subject

I took these photos while accompanying my son to an educational field trip at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Malolos, Bulacan.  You can also see these photos in my other blogs.

How to avoid camera shake

Nothing is worse than having a blurred photo. No matter how sophisticated your camera’s anti-shake technology is, you still sometimes can’t avoid the shakes, especially if you’ve had way too many cups of Starbucks lattes that morning. So, what can you, the budding photographer with a simple point and shoot, do to take photos free from blur?

When pressing down on the shutter button, squeeze it firmly but gently. Do not quickly press down on it because of your excitement to get that perfect shot. That’s a surefire way to get a blurred shot. Easy does it, even in photography.

When all else fails, use a tripod.

Simple Photography Subject #4: Food

Most  SAHMs keep themselves busy at home by dabbling in a little blogging. Some who are food bloggers know the importance of taking quality pictures of food to post on their blogs. If you are one of those food bloggers, your goal is, of course, to make your readers drool and head off to the nearest restaurant to satisfy their cravings. What must you remember in taking photos of food, then?

Take pictures of food at close range, to be able to capture their texture and various colors. If you’re taking photos of cottage cheese, for instance, you’d want to catch all those bumpy curds. You’d want them to appear three-dimensional, and you can achieve this through the proper play of light and shadow. Just experiment with the settings your camera allows.

Think of contrast. That rich red saucy dish would look great against a white tablecloth background. Don’t forget garnishing, as they add drama to your food photos.