Monthly Archives: July 2011

Simple Photography Subject #3: Pets

Pet animals are really amusing photography subjects. They’re adorable and provide a whole new dimension to your humble photography. Taking pictures of your pets- or your neighbor’s- takes some practice, though.

If you’re lucky enough to get your dog to “stay”, then you can shoot it any which way you like. If you’ve got a runner though, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. If your camera allows, you’ll have to then adjust your shutter speed to 1/1000th of a second to be able to shoot your dog while in action. Otherwise, your best bet would be to just wait until your dog is tired and simply sitting still.

One last thing to remember when shooting pictures of pets, be sure they have warmed up to you first. The last thing you’d want Is to get a rabies shot.

Simple Photography Subject #2: Sunsets

Sunsets are perfect subjects for taking photos as they are a beautiful blend of nature’s colors. Various hues of oranges and pink make for a stunning photograph. Even as a stay at home mom, you can still manage to take marvelous sunset shots right from home. Far-flung beaches are not the only destination to shoot glorious sunsets. Sometimes, all it takes is a keen eye to spot a beautiful sunset right outside your kitchen window. If you live in a high rise condo, you may be lucky to have a good, unobstructed view of the sun as it sets.

When taking a sunset shot, try not to aim the viewfinder directly at the sun. You’ll create a more dramatic effect that way. Keep shooting until the sun finally sets, because sometimes it does move at an amazing speed.

Simple Photography Subject #1: Children


They say, the children are our future. Well, more importantly, they are the present… they’re all about the present. If anything, they’re the ones who can teach us adults a thing or two about living in the present. That’s all the more reason that kids are good photography subjects.

When taking pictures of kids, try going down to their level- literally. Nothing looks worse than a shot of a kid with a head larger than his body. Slouch down or kneel until you’re about the same height as your subject, to get a better proportioned picture.

Candid shots are perfect too when it comes to shooting kids, especially babies. Try taking pictures of them while they’re at play and barely noticing that you’re shooting them.

With kids, you’ll never grow tired of photography.