I feel sad looking at this photograph of myself taken at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila four years ago. I was searching for a previous article about Guitar Center, mackie profx8 when I chanced upon this picture on the blog archive. It is sad because of the incident that happened a few days ago in Resorts World. (You can read about it in the news). The kids and I were just lucky to receive some free tickets for the show that took place in Resorts World.

(Taking photographs with flash is not allowed inside the theater thus the blurry and dark photo, which, by the way was taken by my son.)

Graduation 2013

I can’t help but feel nostalgic looking at this high school graduation photo of my daughter taken in March 2013. In a couple of months, our eldest will be graduating from college. It will be another feather in her cap…

Build your own guitar

  Pardon the ignorance but I really have no idea that you can actually build your own guitar from scratch. I have no background as far as using musical instrument is concerned until I check on this site that says build your own guitar, check it out at So now you know and lose…

Sunny afternoon

One sunny afternoon. A random photo taken by my son using my Oppo cellphone. Sky

Summer deal

If you are looking for turntables check out the website that carries musical instruments because they are having a great deal here!!  Summer is a good season for kids to learn new things. One of which is to learn to play certain musical instrument. Guitar and piano lessons are popular programs for kids. Actual lessons…

Organic Calamansi

Freshly picked from the backyard.  I’ve made a refreshing calamansi juice.


Oreo, our six-year old doggie, was trying to get some sleep here… (Photo taken in 2012) chill·ax /’CHilaks/ verb informal: calm down and relax.