Photography Tips When Taking Pictures at the Beach

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It may be fun to take pictures while you are on a summer vacation but it can also be extremely hard if you do not know how to set your settings. There are some people who tend to take pictures against the light and while this may be good for certain effects, there are times when it can just be frustrating especially if you would like to take good pictures. Like in other places, one tip that you have to remember is to follow the light. When the light is hitting the subject the right way, it is probably the right time to snap the photo. It might not be a good idea to take pictures of subjects who are squinting too much as well. customized sunglasses may help in making the subjects look that they are more at ease while their photos are being taken. Lastly, remember the basic tips that you have learned in photography because now is the time to apply all those.

Stronger Together!

“If your definition of feminism is not intersectional, it’s not feminism.” Ctto

Top 10 Adventure Activities in Africa

Mahlatini Travel, a specialist in African Travel has compiled a list of their Top 10 memorable activities for a holiday in Africa. 1.Diving with sharks in South Africa – This popular activity, which takes place off the Cape coast, allows you to get within touching distance of Great White Sharks – albeit from a cage….

Fam picture from way back

I found this old but “cute” family picture in a pile of paper for disposal. This was taken inside a photo booth and the image was printed on sticker paper (about an inch size). I think the kids were about 5 and 3 years old when this was taken. Hubby decided to scan the photo…

Happy 7th birthday, Oreo!

Happy Birthday OREO! Your 7 years old today You are a family member in every single way. You are, for us just like the kids You fill our daily life, you create for us a constant mess and bring an element of strife! But you, like them, We love to bits Wouldn’t have it another…

Birthday greeting picture

Throwback Thursday. I stumble on N’s picture on twitter. This was supposedly taken in March. N may be shy in person but she tries to get involve in school organizations that would help her enhance her creativity.

Graduation photos

Here are some photos that I took on my daughter’s graduation day.